2020 has finally highlighted how much people rely on social media platforms as their go-to news source. It’s the easiest way to follow multiple organisations whether you’re tracking updates on the bush fires, pandemics or protests, as well as feel connected with our local community, friends and family overseas.

In fact, the attraction of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even the many different messenger apps continue to grow in usage day-by-day. Not to mention other tools like Zoom and Facetime helping us talk and see each other when we can meet in person.

Now that we are working out how to navigate the new normal, have you considered how you can provide interesting, localised information to your potential clients that promotes your real estate brand on social media?

As a real estate agent or agency you’re probably asking yourself; “What do I post without becoming part of the ‘noise’? Don’t overwhelm yourself, follow these tips one at a time so that you implement each one in a well thought out and meaningful way.

1. Record a personalised video message

Use a video (self-recorded in portrait mode on your mobile) to address what’s been happening with stock levels and enquiries for property in your local area. Show that you have your finger on the pulse.

Consider sharing insights from a sale that successfully sold in recent times or insights from a property management perspective. What percentage of tenants have been affected by recent events in your neighbourhood, how well is the market bouncing back?

What’s important to remember is that property is less volatile than other investment vehicles, and in general real estate has had to weather many setbacks and has historically always bounced back. We’d just recovered from the 2018-19 credit crunch when the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic hit.

If you’ve been camera shy up until now, well, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and in front of the video camera and speak from the heart.

2. Publish a list of frequently asked property questions (FAQs)

Let the community know your team is still operating and able to provide information on the property market. There’s a lot of government changes that affect all types of property clients from renters to landlords, home sellers to commercial businesses.

Help your community stay in-the-know with an FAQ page on your website that gives a handy overview of the changes and includes links to official sources. Make your website the go-to reference.

Then drip feed those questions out over social media and lead people back to your website, which in turn allows you to capture them in your social media audiences.

One upside to COVID-19 is that while more people are working from home, you’re more likely to capture local home owners using social media ads that target people located within a postcode. Previously these people were leaving the area to travel to work, so out of your ads geographical reach.

3. Repurpose past content

Revisit your existing blog posts and identify which ones remain relevant in the current climate. Reshare these past articles across social media. Turn them into pre-recorded videos or visual Instagram posts.

For example, if you’ve written about spring cleaning, you can reshare this information as self-isolation cleaning across multiple social media channels in different formats. You might even suggest that households involve the entire family or set of housemates.

4. Provide a ‘behind the scenes’ photo tour

Visually depict how your real estate team is working. You may also still be working in isolation, alongside incorporating social distancing practices into your property inspections. Remember, there’s a visual story to be told.

Show team members recording video walkthroughs of properties in addition to promoting the video itself. Include your clients and local community in photos where appropriate. Show the reality of life in these times of COVID-19.

5. Enjoy some nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane. Whilst international travel is off the table, more and more people are thinking about how they can make the most of where they live. Share ideas as to how we can make the most of local businesses and outdoor spaces.

Take locals on a trip around the neighbourhood. Take photo snapshots out and about in your local community with captions about why you love a particular business or park. Perhaps you’re spending more time cycling, or ordering pre-made meals from a local restaurant. Share how you’re making the most of the new normal.

6. Post shots of the local businesses you support

Which businesses have recently reopened? Help give them a business boost with a shout out across your socials. Perhaps it’s your favourite beautician that’s re-opened their salon or the personal trainer offering group sessions in the local park.

Find out if these businesses are offering any re-opening specials and let your followers and community know how they can support them.

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7. Host a client interview

Ask a recent property client if they would be willing to discuss their situation so that you can highlight the reality of selling during these unusual times and achieving sales or leasing goals. What better way to reignite confidence than showcasing clients that have recently and successfully transacted.

Include practical steps to explain how potential clients can move forward and discuss realistic outcomes. Explain how technology is playing a much more important role than previously. Discuss how homes can be promoted off-market, inspected digitally and even sold through online auctions.

Show potential clients how tech-savvy you are by recording your interview using platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting or Skype. Then upload the videos in native form to Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube and advertise them.

Here’s a great example of an authentic recording made by real estate agent Daniel Hooper, during the lockdown. If you’ve been business making and sharing recordings post them in the comments section below.

8. Leverage community #hashtags

Search for or create a hashtag where locals can share their social distancing activities or updates on home-based DIY activities they are focusing on whilst we’re spending more hours either indoors or in the garden.

Help promote ideas for home-based projects. Use images from past properties you’ve sold. Why not create Pinterest boards that share a selection of your favourite kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or gardens and so forth, helping your location community with renovation ideas.

Don’t forget to use an existing suburb or regional hashtag in each and every post to maximise your visibility.

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9. Show your sense of humour

Laughter is the best remedy for stress reduction. Showing a little personality on social media can go a long way to building endearment with your community. Even in these times of uncertainty, it’s been amazing to witness how people all over the globe have been lifting each other’s spirits by looking at the funny side of our current situation.

Collect your favourite quotes, memes, posts or parodies and share them across your social media accounts. Create a version of your own either in your own branding or within your own home.

Here’s one of my recent favourites – I think many of us can sympathize!

hoole blog 9 social media ideas real estate agents navigating 2020 4

It’s true that many of us no longer want to hear about the virus, but we do want to hear about how to cope with physical distancing and how to continue on with our plans to rent, sell or buy property this year.

So don’t disappear from sight, keep your brand visible with both clients and your community at large. This is a chance to build positive connections that last a lifetime. So push yourself out of your comfort zone and become a strong voice of optimism and positivity.

Stay safe. Stay connected. Stay optimistic.


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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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