Clicks, impressions, views and watch time – what does it all mean?

Digital marketing gives you a wide array of data at your fingertips, but how do you make sense of all the numbers or better still know if they are good or not?
In this video, I walk you through the simplest way to think about your marketing or advertising steps and understand what the data means. If you think about your own actions online, and how you interact with other peoples advertising and where their ads lead you, it’ll start to be easier to get your head around.

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Three ways to measure online marketing

Across the board, most real estate websites received upwards of 60% of their traffic by mobile. This includes the real estate portals, large corporate websites and real estate agency websites or agent sites.

When it comes to measuring digital actions, this is typically captured in three ways. Either by impressions seeing a static image or video, or by clicks on a post, or a link, or search engine result or through visits landing on a web page, or a lead capture page, or a screen, which happens after a click. Hopefully, this all makes sense to you in terms of your own behavior online, and the stats that you see from your current marketing activities.

All three of these measurements work together in the sense that you are exposed to an add an impression, or you click on it, click run engagement, and then you land on the advertiser site visit. So the property campaign associated with the property they finally purchase is not singularly responsible for their purchase decision.

Which digital channel is most popular?

The reality is that consumers and clients interact with your real estate brand and its properties across a number of devices and channels. Traditionally, we’ve looked at the device or the channel that brought the person to our doors or our pages separately, but marketing analytics is getting smarter, and we can now start to focus on people, which means we can identify a person and monitor the range of places or devices on which they interact with advertising.

Today, marketing plans are getting more complicated. In order to optimise your marketing spend, you need to have a very clear understanding of the purpose and performance of each of the touchpoints. We must gather the results, connect each interaction to a person and then conduct our analysis. However, it’s currently impossible to track the total of all media interactions to which your consumers or your clients are exposed.

Cookies and pixels

Most recently, digital and social media marketing has been tracked using cookies and pixels. These small pieces of code embedded on your website and linked to your advertising accounts enable us to collect and store the interactions a person has with your brand.

Finally, marketing data has come of age. And we’re now able to bring data from the online world together with the offline world to form a better picture of how consumers and clients interact with our real estate brands. And what led them to attend that open home, turn up at your office or give you a call. To make the connection between people in your ads.

Ways to identify your contacts

You need each person in your database to be tracked with a key such as an email address or a mobile number. And then a CRM ID. The exciting news is that advanced marketing systems, personal IDs and fingerprinting are helping us better track and manage our real estate marketing budgets than ever before. And if you want to get clued up on the whole new world of marketing automation and the advantages it has over traditional real estate CRMs then listen in because we will be covering that topic in the future.

About this video series

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Written by Melanie Hoole

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