Fitness gurus actually have a lot to teach us about marketing. Use your health and fitness program to strive for a better, healthier marketing plan and reaching that ultimate goal – clients that knock on your door, rather than you always knocking on theirs!

No doubt you’ll have caught at least one or two episodes of The Biggest Loser over the years, and will have seen Michelle Bridges and her colleagues putting their teams through their paces, as they battle to shed excess kilos.

While there’s something very satisfying about watching this show while eating chocolate, you can’t help but be impressed by Michelle’s ‘never give up’ attitude and her no-nonsense approach to getting results.


So what do Michelle Bridges, personal trainer extraordinaire, and digital marketing have in common? I’m glad you asked!

Like your fitness regime, your digital marketing strategy won’t count for much unless you stick to it. You have to put plans in place, set goals for yourself and dedicate yourself to the cause, over the long term, in order to see results.

Here are the factors that come into play, both in reality TV weight loss shows and in winning at the real estate marketing game:

Having a positive mindset

“I’ve tried digital marketing before and it didn’t work. What’s the point?”

Whinging and moaning won’t get you anywhere. Neither will putting in a small amount of effort for a short amount of time and then wondering why you didn’t get results.

Get inspiration from the success stories in your industry. Check out what they’re doing, figure out why they’re absolutely rocking it and then remind yourself that there’s no reason you can’t do the same.


Your digital marketing strategy should reflect your personal brand, which, as you already know, should be nothing but positive.

Be goal oriented

Why implement a strategy for your digital marketing? You need to have a purpose or you won’t get far.

You may be looking for better name recognition in your local community, you might hope for a larger database or you might feel like you need to be better connected with your existing clients.


When losing weight, you should set yourself small goals with a larger goal in mind. Creating a digital marketing plan is no different.

Set measurable outcomes

By setting goals, you’ll be able to create measurable outcomes. Kilos don’t count in terms of real estate marketing, as instead of losing you’ll be gaining! You’ll stack on more leads, more conversions, more income and a platinum membership to the million dollar agents’ club.


The sky’s the limit, but don’t forget to celebrate the wins when you reach a milestone or exceed your targets (in this case a giant chocolate sundae is a perfectly acceptable way to congratulate yourself).

Have a plan and stick to the schedule

As with getting healthy, the hardest part can be knowing where to start. This is why so many people enlist the help of a personal trainer. It’s also why the smartest real estate agents hand their digital marketing strategy over to an expert who specialises not just in marketing, but in real estate.


Just like a personal trainer, a digital marketing expert will know the tried and tested techniques that get great results. The best part is they won’t expect you to get out of bed at 5 o’clock in the morning to make the magic happen!

Be consistent

Here’s some food for thought from Michelle’s book Total Body Transformation;

“Motivation is about feeling—determined, enthusiastic, frenzied, even angry—and is therefore fickle and unreliable. You can’t count on it being there.

Consistency, however, is about doing. Consistency isn’t something that you need to wind up like a coiled spring every morning. You don’t need to plug it in and recharge it every few hours. It is that steady yet relentless journey to an end.”

Wise words, Michelle!


Consistency is what helps you stay true to your personal brand, it’s what drives your tone of voice and what helps you to share valuable insights with your database on a regular basis. If your marketing and your online branding are consistent you will give people the sense that you will be consistent and committed when they sign you up as their agent.

Enlist the help of a great team

Just at the contestants on The Biggest Loser rely on their team and their trainers, you need the right support as well. In fact, the secret to an effective social and digital media strategy is not to do it yourself!

As a real estate agent, you’re too busy to be pulling together graphics and composing winning blog headlines. You need a support crew who are skilled and experienced to make you the best version of yourself.


Look at your digital marketing team in the following way:

  • Your digital strategist is your personal trainer and coach.
  • Content writers are like nutritionists, and editors are like the chef, serving up tasty morsels that people want to consume.
  • Graphic designers are like your very own hairdresser and stylist, helping you look your best.
  • Web developers supply the fitness equipment that enable you to achieve your personal branding and lead generation goals.

Rest up

When you’re pushing yourself to a goal, be it passing your real estate license or losing that extra kilo by Christmas, sleep is one of the most important things you can do.

Time management is key for real estate agents and it’s too tough to burn the candle at both ends. Your plan should be to focus on what you’re good at and outsource your social and digital media activities so that it can keep working for you, even when you’re off the clock.


Accept that there is no magic pill

This point takes you back to the start, where we talked about mindset.

Michelle Bridges will be the first to tell you that there are no quick wins. But she will also tell you that with hard work, consistency and the right team, you’ll be amazed at what you can make happen.

Move your business forward with the help of a professional. Use their expertise and rely on their tried and tested methods to move your business forward faster. With regular effort, your results will improve and get easier as time goes on. Who knows, you might even find the time to make it to the gym!

Main header image source: Network Ten – The Biggest Loser


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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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