Coming up with ideas for settlement gifts to give to your real estate clients can be a challenge, but done well it can be a great booster for your business. Gift giving can include buyers and sellers at the settlement of a sale. But it can even include those who referred clients to you.

Here are our ideas for gifts that keep on giving.

Why giving client appreciation gifts is so complicated

Many real estate agents pride themselves on their ability to deliver personalised real estate gifts that show how much they have truly got to know their clients throughout the buying or selling process. Some of the best real estate settlement gift ideas include things that are home-related, like bath products, pot plants, decor and so forth. Of course, there are always the traditional standbys of champagne, chocolates and other edible gifts.

Where many agents struggle with ideas, though, is selecting a gift that is generous, yet still appropriate to the receiver. Julia Dyer, a fellow real estate marketing specialist, from SoldStory, cautions that gift-giving can often be detrimental to your business if not done right. High-end client gifts can actually have the opposite effect to their intent, making clients feel a bit uncomfortable when they receive them. On the other hand, gifts that are too small can seem impersonal and almost like an afterthought.

It is important to strike the right balance to bestow real estate settlement gifts that your clients will appreciate, without crossing the line and making them feel uncomfortable. One of the best ways to do this is by giving gifts that show corporate responsibility, thank your clients for choosing to work with you, and give back to the community all at the same time.

Gifts that demonstrate corporate responsibility

Rather than trying to wow your clients with over-the-top gift hampers, you can do more to boost your real estate business by showing that you care about the world around you as well. Demonstrating corporate responsibility by giving back to the community generates goodwill for your organisation, making clients more likely to want to work with you in the future.

Of course, you’ll want to align yourself with brands that are related to the real estate industry to have the greatest impact. Everyone needs basics like food, water and shelter, so charitable contributions in these areas are most appropriate from a real estate standpoint. Read on for some unique corporate gift ideas that will show your appreciation for your real estate principles while supporting your community at the same time.

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Food-related giving

Everyone needs to eat. It is shocking just how many Australians don’t have easy access to the food they need to survive. Organisations like Foodbank strive to address this issue by providing meals to those in need, especially school-aged children.

At the settlement of a real estate deal, instead of giving a gift to your client, you can make a donation in their name to Foodbank. Then, you can have a card sent to them thanking them for their contribution. This is a great way to thank your clients while giving them the good feeling of having given back to the community.

The gift of fresh water

Drinking water is one of the most important necessities. Many people suffer with an inadequate supply of clean drinking water. Thankyou is a global organisation that gives back 100 percent of their profits in order to help the global community. Julia Dyer is proud to associate herself with this organisation, and you should be too in your real estate business.

The organisation originally started with the sale of branded water bottles, enabling you to showcase your business, whilst knowing that the proceeds from those bottles are helping those in need. This way, you can give away water bottles to clients in your office or give one of the ThankYou company’s many other gift items, such as their luxury hand wash or range of bathroom products at the close of a sale. You can even leave a basket of water bottles outside your office for thirsty passers-by, generating goodwill within your community.

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Help the homeless with every property sale

As unfortunate as it is, as many as 1 in 200 Australians are without a place to call home. Another charity that Dyer supports is Backpack Beds, an organisation that provides emergency relief for those turned away by homeless shelters. You can make a commitment to purchasing one Backpack Bed for every real estate deal you close. This is something that Geoff Grist, leading real estate agent from Richardson & Wrench has chosen to do.

Making these donations on behalf of your clients lets them get involved in providing shelter for those in need while buying or selling a home for themselves. Then, at the end of the year, you can promote your contributions by sharing details of how many Backpack Beds you contributed to the homeless, rather than how many homes you sold.

Other charitable gifting opportunities

Those listed above are just a few of the many charitable organisations you can choose to align your real estate business with. You can stick with those that have a direct correlation to real estate like those discussed here, or you can choose a cause that is dear to your heart. Charities that focus on children, education and animals are always popular choices.

Whatever you choose as a your real estate settlement gift, make sure it has meaning to you and your clients. Look also for organisations that align with your personal and corporate values. Be sure to highlight your contributions in your marketing materials, on your website and through social media to show your values and make home buyers and sellers more likely to choose you to represent them.

What are some of the ways that you like to give back? We’d love to hear your great ideas!


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