2020 will forever be remembered as the year in which business owners had to pivot and prove their ‘online agility’ – so how did industry trainers and coaches adapt?

Caroline Bolderston and I have found a unique way to remain accessible to our clients whilst interstate travel and in-person training is difficult.

Caroline, an industry-leading sales coach, has launched a suite of online training solutions for real estate professionals with the help of Hoole’s technology development team. I myself launched an online courses platform for Hoole clients in the midst of 2020.

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Participants in Caroline’s coaching and mentoring programs only had, until recently, access to Caroline in real-time through in-person meetings or live webinars. Today, however, her website www.beingbold.com.au and private membership platform have additional training and development tools to better enhance her clients’ learning experience.

Caroline’s extensive sales and training knowledge (as well as accreditation with DISC and affiliations with various learning and development associations) make her a highly sought-after real estate coach.

Engaging the input of boutique strategic communications and digital transformation consultancy, Romanova, a plan was put in place to develop the Bold365 member program and take the Being Bold offerings online.

Notes Caroline, “My passion for learning and development has seen me seek out better ways to help my clients retain and implement my teachings. My affiliations with organisations outside the real estate industry give me a broad set of insights into what’s possible, and thanks to the pandemic I was encouraged to fast track my vision to provide better online learning tools that could be available to any agent, anywhere.”

Caroline’s new BOLD 365 training platform makes engaging her services even more appealing, given you now receive access to:

  • Self-paced learning tools
  • Live group virtual lessons with your peers
  • A library of resources, including recordings of masterclass sessions
  • Quarterly challenges to help you stay focused
  • Live mentor sessions twice a month to troubleshoot any roadblocks or hurdles

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The Being Bold learning and development platform also incorporates an easy-access payment gateway, allowing new members to join at any point throughout the year. Once subscribed, you’ll be guided through the different types of training tools, and you will be eligible to join regular mentoring sessions as well as 2 x 30 minute 1-on-1 sessions with Caroline.

Prior to launching Hoole in 2016, I had held senior positions at several global firms where I developed and monetised eCommerce platforms. Unbeknown to most, Bart Wozniak (Hoole’s technical director) and I have helped many property-related businesses with website development, software selection and implementation.

Most property professionals don’t realise that your website is the most important part of your digital strategy – hence we help property business’s upgrade to more sophisticated sites when they’ve outgrown their CRM website.

Using our first-hand experience implementing online training tools for Hoole – which involved a lengthy investigation into best-of-breed learning and development software – we were best placed to support Caroline in developing her tailored platform for www.beingbold.com.au.

Caroline is now in a strong position to scale her business by supporting more people at any given stage in their real estate sales career, across numerous geographic locations.

Importantly, before Bart and I take any solution to a client we test the software or strategies on the Hoole.co business. In fact, the Being Bold training tools were based, in part, on the Hoole.co courses platform which is available to anyone wanting to learn how to manage digital and social media marketing in-house.

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Plotting a roadmap for clients, the Hoole team are able to build not only websites but also e-commerce and lead generation tools to help many different types of property-related businesses scale their online services. Bart and I call these best-of-breed technologies ‘The Tech Stack’. When there isn’t the desired solution available, the Hoole coding team will build features from scratch.

“Marketing and online training technologies are our strong suit, and Bart and I take great pleasure in applying the systems and processes that we’ve developed for Hoole to help others with different (yet symbiotic) disciplines to our own.”

With smart technologies and online training it’s far easier to navigate the stop-start nature of work-life, where we have to be prepared at a moment’s notice to pivot should there be a resurgence of COVID.

Real estate coaches and trainers no longer have to have their wings clipped when they can’t bring staff or clients together in a single location. Because Being Bold and Hoole.co have proven that remote training is possible and can in many ways offer a more rewarding learning experience for all.


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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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