Over the past few years, I have worked with many real estate businesses and property professionals, helping them to establish or grow their brand. What I have come to appreciate is that there are many different skill sets within our industry and even more property offerings.

Whilst delving deeper into the business of one of this year’s Real Estate Business Awards finalists, I learnt that property investors are being encouraged to assist our government with the housing needs of our disabled and aging population.

One such property investment strategy incorporates NDIS housing. You may have heard of this, but if like me you have not, I’ll explain why this type of investment peaked my interest. I’ll also introduce you to property developer and property investment advisor who has honed in on this niche and created a successful and ethical property investment business.

What is NDIS housing?

Presently, there are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability. Within the next five years the NDIS will provide an estimated 500,000 Australians who have permanent and significant disability with funding for supports and services. For many people, it will be the first time they receive the disability support they need. The plan is to break down barriers and enable people with disabilities to choose where and with whom they live.

One key objective is to ensure Australian’s under the age of 65 have more choice and control over where they live. Ten years ago there were more than 6,000 young disabled people living in aged care facilities. Through a scheme called Special Disability Accomodation, private investors are incentivised to help moved these people out of aged care facilities into the regular communities so that they can have a ‘home for life’. To date, half the people waiting for housing have been rehomed, but there is still more people with complex needs requiring accomodation.

To get the ball rolling, the NDIS started educating the market about this new segment – disability housing – that needs new homes built with smart design. The objective is to give young people with disabilities the opportunity to live independently. The homes help them to live and do things they never thought possible.

This video explains how important this type of specialist accommodation is…

Homes for the underprivileged

You may have heard the saying to ‘stay in your lane’, which is to focus on yourself and what lies ahead of you rather than focusing on the actions of others around you. Whilst learning about Goro Gupta’s business’s, it’s apparent that this is one of the keys to his success – staying focused on his core offering and matching complimentary services.

Goro Gupta, is a former mortgage broker. In the midst of a housing crisis, Goro is one of a new breed of property investment advisors that has been brave enough to focus his business on helping less privileged Australians. He has created several successful businesses that are not only profitable but deliver higher than average wealth creation solutions for his investor clients.

After being a long time property investor himself, Goro decided to make one of his investments a home for the disadvantaged. Since then there’s been no turning back as he has learnt how he can turn ‘giving back’ into a profitable venture.

So what’s unique about Ethical Property Investments?

Goro’s motto ‘do good, make money’ permeates through everything he does.

Ethical Property Investments builds attractive homes for people who need specialist housing. These might be properties which can be rented out by the room, sometimes with funding from NDIS. Goro’s other company, Empowered Livability, helps match and place disabled people as tenants in these homes, alongside friends, family and carers.

Ethical Property Investments opens the door for everyday property investors to invest in socially conscious properties, such as community housing for at-risk or vulnerable populations, including older women who are ‘the new face of homelessness.’

Recognised as a 2023 finalist in the CEO Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, Goro and his business partners have services covering financial planning, mortgage broking, and property investment strategies. They not only build but manage specialist disability accommodation (SDA) which includes finding and placing tenants.

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Goro Gupta shares;

“Ethical Property Investments creates commercial solutions to social housing problems, which means investors can grow their investments while the most vulnerable members of our society can keep a roof over their heads.

“The investor enjoys higher ROI and a greater personal wealth portfolio, which has a knock-on effect on the economy.

“The renter enjoys a fantastic living arrangement, and the economy keeps moving.”

A property investment story worth sharing

His work has received local media coverage, such as the Wyndham Star Weekly’s article new housing for disabled youth and News.com.au told the story of how he generated his wealth and learnt how to pay off a mortgage fast. Today, Goro has diversified his investment portfolio by adding shared accommodation properties, Airbnb holiday rentals and cars he rents out on Uber carshare. He’s also working on building a school for underprivileged children in Asia.

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Goro’s efforts have already helped build 45 houses for disability providers, and while his property developments are currently focused in Victoria, he has plans to roll out his housing across the country.

How to market an ethical real estate business

From a marketing point of view, Goro Gupta is great at sharing his projects, ideas and expertise, which is always more appealing than a sales-focussed approach.

He is clearly passionate about the real estate industry, having purchased his first property at the age of 17 when his father began sharing his knowledge about investing with his son. He bought his second property two years later, and hasn’t looked back. He now shares the knowledge gleaned from this journey in another business initiative, a training course called 10 Properties in 10 Years, which offers mentoring and wealth-building advice to property investors.

His website is full of information – there are blogs, videos, news stories, interviews and more. He features himself throughout so he is the recognisable face of his business and people feel they know a bit about him as a person, sharing silly photos, explaining his philosophy and emphasising that his success can be replicated.

“For me, success is deeply intertwined with continual personal development,” he says. “It’s not just about acknowledging weaknesses, but also expanding influence, setting clear goals, recognising opportunities, and focusing on what truly excites and motivates you.”

With the housing crisis only intensifying, Gupta’s work to provide secure housing for the most vulnerable with innovative funding and living arrangements is very inspiring.

Congratulations, Goro, on all you have achieved!

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