Learn how a clever 3 series video marketing campaign, coupled with social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, sold a brand new Brisbane property in a matter of days when similar stock was failing to sell.

As a judge at the recent Real Estate Business Awards, I was pleased to read some submissions that were truly inspiring. The REB Awards showcase the best real estate agency talent, and these businesses tell stories which can be hugely useful for other agents wanting to boost their careers.

This was definitely the case with NGU Real Estate, who took an innovative approach to video marketing in order to sell a newly-built property in a difficult climate. Here, I share their story with you as it demonstrates exactly how video and clever social media marketing can create an outstanding property campaign.

Facing the challenge of selling a new home head-on

NGU Real Estate had the task of selling a new-build home for their builder client, Zephyr Industries. Located in Tooth Street, Paddington in Brisbane, the home was being built in a prestigious area. However, there were a lot of new homes being built in the area at the same time, and many of them were having to reduce their prices as there was too much choice on the market.

This wasn’t a route NGU wanted to go down. Instead, they took a totally new, bold approach to selling the Paddington home, devising an innovative video marketing campaign completely different from anything buyers had seen before.

How video marketing can unravel a home’s story

NGU didn’t wait until the property was completed to start marketing it. Their in-house team shot three short property films while the property was still under construction, creating anticipation and allowing the builders to tell the story of the home before it was even completed.

Nobody can speak in more depth or as accurately about the build of a home than the builders themselves. Interviewing the builders on video enabled potential buyers to hear directly about the building processes and finishes, and how these were achieved. It also gave the builders the opportunity to explain why, as well as how, they built the home.

This created trust and an emotional connection with potential buyers, as they could see the faces and hear the stories behind the construction of the home. It also gave the home character, as it demonstrated the real feelings behind the build, and made people want to be the next chapter in the property’s story.

Once completed, the videos were posted on Facebook, Instagram, realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, as well as NGU’s own website. Viewers followed the story, wanting to find out more about the property and wondering when it would be finished so they could visit it in person.

1. Video marketing isn’t always “child’s play”

The first video showed the home under construction, demonstrating that this was a luxury property with many desirable features. However, it also brought a feeling of family and community into the story, with children dressed as builders, acting as if they were working on the property. This gave the message that there were people behind every home, and building a home can be a fun and rewarding process for the team.

2. Video can “build” interest and excitement

Video two showed the real building team on-site, telling the story behind the property, interspersed with footage of them working and shots highlighting the main features of the home. It offered some genuine insight into their passion for building homes, explaining some of the processes and procedures. Their story also explained how they have to keep their target market in mind at all times. This video showed how much they cared about building a unique and special home for someone to love.

3. Providing impact with an “engaging” video finale

In the third and final video, the property is complete. Interior and exterior shots by day and night showcase its incredible finishes and features. However, this video is far more about creating aspiration, telling a story and depicting a lifestyle. It follows a woman through the home before her boyfriend proposes to her there and they celebrate with their friends. This cements the notion in the buyer’s mind of the home as a real place where real lives can be lived and happy memories made.

The adept use of storytelling in these videos showed extremely creative thinking on NGU’s part – they had produced something totally unlike the usual property campaign. The video marketing strategy was also clever, starting the campaign while the property was still under construction. By the time it was ready to sell, potential buyers had already seen the videos and were excited to visit the completed home.

NGU gave the campaign a final push with printed flyers and door-knocking, inviting every single person in the suburb to the first open home at the property.

Happy ever after

The videos were popular online. Combined, they received 635 likes and over 200 comments. However, the real success of the campaign wasn’t seen until the first open home, when 300 visitors arrived. This is around ten times more than a typical first open home following a standard property campaign.

This level of interest was only made possible by the unique campaign, showcasing the build-up to the home being completed. The videos, backed up with social media marketing, printed flyers and door-knocking, created a real buzz around the property, making it stand out in the crowd of new-builds in the area.

Ultimately, the home sold for $3.3 million dollars after the first open home. The buyer had made their first initial contact on Instagram.


NGU’s story demonstrates the important part that creative thinking and clever social media marketing can play in the success of your real estate agency. Making innovative videos and showcasing them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube enable you to reach new and larger audiences, creating more of a demand for your properties. Even in a market where there are a lot of competing properties, you can make yours stand out by telling a story that engages your target audience and makes them want to find out more.

And of course, if you are a real estate agent wanting more advice around digital marketing, I am always happy to help!


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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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