Over the last two years, 200+ pieces of advice have been written or recorded and made available for free for your learning pleasure. This free resource answers your most frequently asked ‘online marketing’ questions and provides you with an excellent introduction to both digital and social media marketing.

To make navigating our back catalogue of information easier, we’ve listed our articles and videos in a logical learning order. You don’t need to read them all (but you can if you like), simply scan the list, pick a topic that interests you, then dive in – we’re letting you choose your own adventure!

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12 reasons why I love real estate agents
The 10 commandments of real estate brand marketing


How to thrive, not just survive a real estate downturn
Life is tough so build resilience
Are you a time waster?
Leave your comfort zone, find your sparkle
Peddling past your comfort zone: insights from Steve Carroll
Facing our fear and finding a ‘new normal’
Run a property business? How do you stay sound-minded?
How to get your marketing mojo back
Surviving & celebrating 6 years of Hoole
Secrets to scaling your business

The future of marketing

Is artificial intelligence replacing real estate roles?
The future of marketing: is to win friends and influence people
Future marketing trends from #Inbound USA
Should we fear Facebook and Google? The ACCC think so!
Why is the ACCC shaking the media tree?

Marketing strategy 101

How to be strategic and innovative
Switch your [listing] pitch
Can subconscious or subliminal messaging work in real estate?
Mentally moved in: How Diakrit helps property buyers fall in love
Learn how Julie-Ann ‘Amplify’s’ her property marketing campaigns
Out with the old brand and in with the new: Jays Real Estate
Real estate coaches Jet, Caroline, Hayley & Josh share tips for 2023
5 steps to get your real estate marketing ducks in a row
Market one-to-one, not one-to-many
How to stand out in a sea of ‘real estate sameness’

Building a digital real estate agency

How to become a million dollar agent, digitally
How to digitalise your entire real estate business
Tools of the trade: how to market your real estate business
Digital strategies for real estate agencies
Apps & gadgets for the modern agent
How digital media has changed us

Online lead generation

8 reasons your social media isn’t generating leads
Vendor lead generation: 3 ways of reeling them in
Chaise or attract: outbound versus inbound marketing
An open conversation with OpenAgent
OpenAgent answer YOUR questions
Find leads before the ‘other guys’
12 appraisals a week from social media
Leveraging lead campaigns: Home Property Agents
How to build highly effective real estate lead campaigns
It’s time for a truth bomb about real estate lead generation
Real estate listings: How to generate a steady flow and grow your business


The Four Key Communication Styles In Real Estate Marketing
Prospecting: Is SmartList your marketing marksman?
Prospecting: Your real estate contact list is laden with gold

Personal Branding

Time to hop on the ‘personal brand’ wagon?
Let’s add ‘personality’ to your real estate brand
Personal branding: the benefits of vanity URLs

Digital Interview / Online Presence

Real estate agents clean up your digital act
Your ‘must do’ checklist for your digital DNA
Moving agencies? Make sure you don’t digitally disappear
The do’s and don’ts of writing real estate profiles
Netiquette: the art of making new digital connections

Marketing Budgets

How much should real estate agents spend on marketing?
Monitor your marketing and reverse engineer your income
Social advertising versus print advertising ‘numbers’

How to Win Awards

Telling your story can win you listings & awards!
Real estate awards: how losers can be winners too!
Have you won an REB Award: if not why not
Is Instagram the playground of the rich and famous?
Kay & Burton: the art of growing a premium real estate brand
Learn how 3 short films sold a property in days
What’s new in the REB digital awards? 2019 insights
Digital domination in real estate: what do you need?

Real Estate Agents

Digital strategies for individual agents
Digital strategies for real estate teams

Real Estate Agencies

Digital strategies for real estate agencies
Belle Property Balmain replace traditional marketing with digital
From Zero to Hero: Growing an independent real estate brand

Buyers Agents

Digital strategies for buyers agents and advocates
Meet three buyers’ agents with unique marketing strategies

Commercial Real Estate Agents

Diving deep: digital media for commercial agents
Social media for commercial agents
Commercial real estate: Generate leads with micro market reports

Real Estate Coaches

A new interactive coaching platform provides easier learning

Real Estate Course Providers

Digital strategies for real estate course providers

Real Estate Media Publications

Next-level marketing: Real estate principals become media moguls

Digital Marketing Staff

How ‘Devine’ to have an in-house digital marketing guru!
Hire a social media manager – job description + salary intel for real estate
Should your assistant run paid ads for you?
Six strategies used by ‘real’ real estate marketers

Settlement Gifts

Real estate settlement gift ideas: give and you shall receive

Online Reviews & Testimonials

3 ways to maximise real estate reviews
How to deal with good, bad and ugly real estate reviews
3 client satisfaction survey tools for real estate agents
RateMyAgent: How real estate underdogs can benefit
Real estate photography: getting that pixel perfect profile portrait
Build love with the best real estate review sites

Real Estate Websites

What’s in a [Domain] name?
Real estate websites where to start?
Referral websites: how do they stack up?
Why Y’URL need a branded short domain
Renting or owning your real estate website – what’s best?
SEO tips for real estate websites
Voice search for real estate websites
Siri & Alexa for real estate websites

Digital Marketing

Extend your reach using digital marketing
Approach digital marketing like a health & fitness program
Across the ditch: how the Kiwi’s do digital
How to dominate digitally in real estate
And the winner is … the digital channel that led 2022
Must-have digital marketing subscriptions for real estate agents
How different generations use digital media
Digital Live’s educational program
Learn how behavioural targeting helps real estate professionals

Digital Advertising

Remarketing: how are those ads following me around?
The digital marketing sweet spot – cookies and pixels
Overcoming your digital blind spot

Google Search Marketing

How to appear on the first page of Google
Google tips: put your real estate business on the map – literally!
Google ads for real estate agents: SEM explained
Does SEO work for real estate agents?
10 easy SEO tips to improve your real estate website
7 ways to use Google Ads for real estate leads
Are Siri, Cortana and Alexa your best sales agents?
Invest 30 mins optimising your Google profile for +++ leads


100 blogs built my business, no bull
To blog or not to blog: that is the question?
Want more leads, the benefit of blogging
Why real estate blogs must think local to generate clicks
Boo-st your real estate marketing with ghostwriting

Content Marketing

How to turn everyday questions into great real estate content
Don’t short sell yourself: why evergreen content is vital
The art of storytelling, the Gary V way
Expose yourself! Increase brand awareness with content marketing
How content marketing grew First Nationals website traffic
If content is King, is social media Queen?
Why agents must overcome brand content challenges

Social Media Marketing

Your socials & blue ticks – what you need to know
The secret to social media ‘marketing’
Are you being authentic on social media?
The 5 C’s of social media marketing
How real estate agents use social media
Beware of social media snake charmers
5 social media marketing mistakes to fix right now
Real estate startup uses social to shoot for the moon
Boom! Busting the myths about Baby Boomers and social media
9 social media ideas for real estate agents navigating 2020
Why the sandwich generation is your tastiest real estate client
Social media marketing: Getting to grips with groups
The best social channels for real estate agents
Want to sell fast? Embrace social media
Best social platform for agents? You’ll be surprised
How good is YOUR digital & social media know-how?
New financial year, new social media marketing resolutions!
8 reasons your social media is not generating leads
Lisa Novak sells 98% of properties via social media
Boost Your Real Estate Brand: Avoid These 7 Social Media Mistakes

Building Online Friends & Followers

Your most important social media activity: building ‘connections’
Social media: why size doesn’t matter
Social media followers: if you fake it will you make it?

Social Proof

Should you care about social proof?
Social proof: how to build online brand equity fast

Social Media Listening

How social media listening can help you find leads

Social Media Scheduling

The #1 secret to social media is scheduling
My 5 Favourite free and paid social media management tools

Social Media Groups

8 social media groups providing a goldmine for real estate agent

Stories on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram Stories: the next big social feature for real estate
Mastering Facebook & Instagram stories


Facebook changes real estate professionals must know
How to reach more people for free on Facebook
How to break the Facebook algorithm
A self-confessed social media rookie conquers Facebook
Create a real estate Facebook cover video
How to avoid Facebook phishing scams in real estate

Facebook Advertising

Why you need to Pay to Play on Facebook
Is boosting a Facebook post wrong?
Why real estate ads are blocked on Facebook
Saving face: how Facebook changes will affect real estate agents
Build a custom Facebook audience, just like McGrath!
Introducing ‘attribution’ to make your marketing dollars count

Facebook Property Advertising

Are property transactions within Facebook the next big thing?
Is ListingLogic a real estate agents BFF? (Best Facebook Friend)
8 online marketing tactics perfect for property buyers

Facebook Live

Facebook Live: get started with self-recorded agent videos
Facebook Live: are you missing a window or opportunity?
Facebook 11 awesome ideas for Facebook Live streaming videos
Facebook Live for real estate auctions


Instagram: getting started with visual content
How to become a #hashtag hero
5 ways to create instant attraction on Instagram
Instagram inspiration: the latest features fit for real estate
5 ways Instagram for Business benefits real estate agents


5 reasons real estate agents can’t ignore LinkedIn
Do you have your finger on the [LinkedIn] pulse?
LinkedIn: seven habits for real estate marketing success
Interview with LinkedIn: how to build social media notoriety


WeChat: social media copycat or innovator?
Black Diamondz share their WeChat real estate marketing must haves
The intricacies of selling property to Chinese Buyers
How to influence and open doors to property buyers on WeChat
Fundamentals of building followers on WeChat
The power of WeChat for real estate agents


Real estate social media: it’s time to Chatbot around the clock!

Video Marketing

Will video kill (or create) the real estate star?
Lights, camera, action – it’s time to learn social media video marketing
Is LinkedIn video arriving too late to the social media party
A smart approach to real estate video marketing
Why content is king and video is queen
The secret to speaking on camera
Shoot videos that win business
Social media videos: The best way to make a lasting impression


Daniel Hayes tells all: becoming Youtubes Million Dollar Bogan

Social Media Videos

7 attention-grabbing tactics with social video
The video battle is on: enter Facebook Watch and IGTV

Email Marketing

Is an email address more important than a property address?
Data privacy matters: check you’re a law-abiding real estate business
Real estate email deliverability has been burnt – 8 ways to fix

Community Campaigns

7 ways real estate brands can be memorable on Mother’s Day
Fun Christmas marketing ideas for real estate agents

Contact Relationship Management

Is it time for a CRM spring clean?

Automated Marketing Systems

Move over CRM system, automated marketing has come to town
Personalise messages to prospects, using ‘automation’

Recruitment Campaigns

How to run a real estate recruitment campaign, digitally


What ingredients make a brand?
Building a brand from scratch: Time To Downsize

Marketing Data

Getting to grips with your marketing data
How attribution makes your marketing dollars count

REB Awards

Meet four amazing women in real estate
Video #2: Judging the REB ‘Digital’ Awards
Video #1: Judging the REB ‘Digital’ Awards
Hermione Gardiner pimps her property management courses
New breed of socially responsible real estate entrepreneurs
Agent Mark Vella makes a Reel difference with his social marketing
Project marketer, Fiona Yang turns dreams into ‘realty’

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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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