To promote your real estate business successfully, you need to use the best marketing software and tools in order to bring your brand campaigns to life and achieve the leads you’re after

Here’s my full directory of marketing tools and software subscriptions for real estate professionals and dedicated brand marketers.

1. Property market research tools

The two most popular data sources for Australian property data are;

We use these data platforms to build an understanding of micro markets that you operate within.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

These are the current CRM’s our real estate clients commonly use; 

Keeping an up to date database of your clients in your CRM allows you to send communications that are personalised and relevant to where your clients are at in their property journey.

3. Copywriting

Every piece of marketing has a element of writing in it and making sure it your words are error free and get your message across concisely is key. Our favourite copywriting helpers are 

4. Stock Imagery and Video Libraries

You will never have a custom picture or video for everything you need for your marketing and just taking one from Google Images is never the right choice. You can easily and affordably (not to mention legally) source them from a stock library such as

5. Graphic Design Software

Good design is a leading way to get your target audience to recall your real estate business, whether it be for your printed or digital pieces. Leaps in the ease of use of graphic design software programs have given most people the confidence to professionally produce more visual content themselves. Leading the way are

6. Video production tools

Video has become increasingly important to incorporate into your marketing mix. Just like graphic design, the enhancements in our smartphones and apps have meant we are capturing and using it in the marketing mix much more. Look at using the following for a smick end result

7. Email campaign platforms

Email is often overlooked, but it consistently delivers the best results for leads and should be an integral part of your digital marketing program. You may already have basic eDM capabilities within your real estate CRM but if you want even more functionality, consider these

8. Funnel & automation software

Having marketing automation in place means that you can put much of the monotonous marketing tasks on autopilot and ensure your leads are consistently nurtured right through to conversion. Check out these options for managing your regular communications


9. Landing page software

A landing page is a web page that allows you to collect a prospective client’s details with a a lead-capture form. Without a landing page, you will never know the details of someone who checked you out. If you aren’t using landing pages, here are some choices


10. Social scheduling platforms

Save time by scheduling a week or month’s worth of social media posts at once. This will not enable you to be more productive, but you’ll also never miss posting when you need to. These are my top recommendations

11. Paid advertising platforms

As I like to say, you can’t sell a secret. Unless you are out there actively advertising your real estate business, you are in danger of slipping out of the view of those who aren’t ready to transact. At a minimum, you should be using

digital marketing help

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