Lean more about the Digital Live educational program run by Steve Carroll

In a couple of weeks, digital evangelist, Steve Carroll, will be kicking off his 2020 Digital Live program. There’s only a handful of tickets left. So, if you’re not signed up, visit www.digital-live.com.au now. 

With more than a dozen digital experts delivering the latest digital thinking, since COVID, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The coaches (myself included) are giving our time for free and your dollars are donated to support 7 children’s homes via charity Hands Across the Water

Visit www.digital-live.com.au to secure one of the last tickets, now. (P.S. the Hoole team built the website).

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Digital Live’s educational program

Melanie Hoole

So, Steve, tell me about Digital Live. What’s the purpose of Digital Live and who is it for?

Steve Carroll

Well, there’s two things about Digital Live. First thing, it’s a 12-week program that includes a full day at one of the universities either in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

It’s aimed at real estate professionals, whether or not they’re in marketing, selling or property management, who want to improve their knowledge of how to use digital better, as well as social media better.

With this program, I have pulled 10 of the very best experts in the digital space. Obviously, you’re one of them, Mel, and the idea is to take these real estate professionals on a 12-week journey that will ensure that – if they listen and they take action – they will be so much more knowledgeable when it comes to digital after the program.

Digital Live is in its third year, and we get some amazing feedback from participants after they’ve completed the program.

The profits that we make from Digital Live go towards the charity Hands Across the Water, which is the charity that we’re cycling across Thailand for (you, me and 80 other real estate professionals).

But the most important thing for real estate agents is that if they’re inquisitive, or curious about digital, or if they want to learn more, then they should come to Digital Live – it’s a great investment.

Melanie Hoole

And as a coach, myself and the other coaches will be giving our time for free. In aid of the charity. And we’re all really excited about giving practical tips that people can take away and use in their business the very next day. And the coaches are covering lots of different topics and angles on all things digital.

Steve Carroll

Absolutely. So The way that the program works is that participants can pick and choose the topics they want to go and listen too. There will be three key speakers at the in-person events, to be held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Outside of those three presentations, we will have lots of breakout sessions. Then after the live events, over 12 weeks, there will be more practical online training sessions.

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of tickets for each location. The maximum number is 80 people. And the reason for that is we want the experience to be personalised.

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In terms of the training; some participants might want to go and spend 15 minutes with an Instagram expert, some participants might want to spend 15 minutes learning more about how to maximise the Google algorithm. Some participants might want to spend time learning how to deal with online ratings and reviews.

But the great thing about that whole Digital Live program is that the classroom sessions will all be recorded so you get all of that content to watch in your own time.

The other reason we hold the full-day event alongside the online learning program is to make sure that the attendees understand this event is not supposed to be like AREC, where you sit and you’re spoken too. This is a roll-up-your-sleeves program, where you’re going to get stuck in and we’re gonna do some practical stuff together. And when you finish at four o’clock you’ll be exhausted but the most important thing is your digital knowledge, plus your digital footprint, would have improved vastly.

Then there’s going to be forums where attendees can share and assist each other in groups and coaches on hand to support them. So, by the end of the 12 weeks, we should have everyone shipshape and polished.

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Melanie Hoole

And, as you said, stepped up their digital know-how.

About the charity – so you’ve done an amazing job in three years, how much have you raised to date and what’s your next goal?

Steve Carroll

When we finish in February/March we would have raised about a million dollars. And the million dollars goes towards building digital and technology classrooms in children’s homes that are run by the Australian (Sydney based) charity, Hands Across the Water.

So the money doesn’t go towards food or shelter that’s already taken care of. But what these kids are lacking is the opportunity to learn how technology works, learn how Google operates. Therefore, when they get to age 16, they really struggle to get a job, because they have no skills. What the bike ride does, and what the digital live education program does, is it make money to help with the digital education of these kids.

Melanie Hoole

That’s great and that’s aligned with what we’re learning through the program or teaching my case. And then the children that benefit from this program actually get digital skills as well. So everybody’s getting digital skills.

Steve Carroll

Yes, it’s the future Mel!

Visit www.digital-live.com.au to secure your ticket, now.

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