The countdown is on for AREC 2024, the largest real estate conference in the southern hemisphere. And this year, the team at Hoole Marketing is thrilled to be participating in the action.

Head into the exhibition hall to find Hoole team member Danielle and me – Melanie, at Booth 30. We’re eager to connect with all AREC attendees, but in particular, we are very keen to meet our long-time followers.

If you are attending this year, we’d love to know ahead of time. Send us an email so we’ll know to keep an eye out for you. How cool will it be to finally meet in person this coming weekend?

Branding takes centre stage at AREC 2024

I’m super excited to hear the key learnings from the two Ryans, Ryan Serhant and Ryan Renolds.

First, reality TV star and NYC real estate success story Ryan Serhant will be reminding us of the importance of personal brands.

Later, Ryan Renolds, who has gone from movie star to billionaire entrepreneur, will share how viral campaigns and innovative marketing strategies catapulted his portfolio of businesses into the limelight. He owns stakes in an F1 team, a football club, an alcohol brand, a wireless provider and even has an advertising agency.

Then there’s serial entrepreneur Matt Gray will share how to build a profitable audience with content.

With three keynote speakers discussing branding and marketing, I hope you’ll take away the importance of putting your own brand reputation and business marketing activities front and centre and invest in this area ahead of the new financial year.

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Meet the Hoole team in the ‘real world’

At our booth, you’ll have the chance to meet me, Melanie Hoole, owner of Hoole Marketing and Danielle Kerr, Hoole’s brand manager. We are both long-time real estate marketing professionals, me with 20+ years in the industry and Danielle coming up to 8 years. We love real estate and thoroughly enjoy the variety of property businesses and personality types we get to call clients, but even better – our friends.

Our real estate marketing experience spans all sorts of real estate businesses across a variety of service types and niches, from residential sales to pure property management and commercial agencies. We work with buyers agents, property investment firms, large and small brand networks, training companies, and prop tech startups. We’ve helped launch off-the-plan developments and supported the architectural firms and development companies behind them. Over the past eight years, our agency has had the privilege of working with most sectors within the real estate industry.

Book a time to meet at Booth 30

If you want to be organised, you can book a time to chat with me at the Hoole Marketing booth in the AREC Exhibition Hall. Visit AREC Marketing Chat with Melanie Hoole to choose your preferred timeslot.

I’ll be on hand to provide you with personalised marketing advice pertinent to your real estate career or business, and if you are lucky, I might even help you resolve a technical marketing issue.

Lock in your 15-minute session with me on either:

  • Sunday, May 26th, between 7 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
  • Monday, May 27th, between 7 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.

Book ahead to guarantee a time that works for you. My calendar is open for bookings now.

Unveiling our AREC Conference goodies

We’re not coming empty-handed!

Stop by Booth 30 to receive exciting giveaways and exclusive AREC conference specials. We can’t wait to share our marketing expertise and tools with you.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person (in the ‘real’ world) and chatting with you face-to-face. Our speciality is building unique real estate brands and helping our clients grow their business revenue through digital as well as traditional marketing.

Visit us at Booth 30, and we’ll be happy to hear about your marketing needs and answer any questions you may have. If we like you, we might even help you with a tech issue!

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We’re taking an active role in digital education

Hoole is committed to helping real estate professionals at large learn how a combination of digital and physical channels can help you grow a strong and predictable income stream. We have a broad range of clients, from individual agents to teams and agency owners. The best part is you don’t need to teach us about the real estate industry because we live and breathe it just like you. What we bring to the table is the ability to help you get your best bang for your marketing buck.

We want to close the digital knowledge gap

When it comes to digital marketing, the real estate industry has a big knowledge gap to close. Unlike e-commerce businesses that have online sales down pat, real estate remains heavily attached to in-person selling. This is fine as long as you make the most of digital media to warm up your target audience and pave a pathway to your door.

Agents who refuse to leverage digital media to grow their reputations (and attract prospects) make it easier for their competitors to supersede them and eat away at their market share.

Become the most memorable brand in your community

After getting to know you and the market you serve, we identify what will differentiate you from your real estate competitors, alongside the best marketing channels and tactics that’ll not only get you in front of 100% of local property owners but also enable you to follow them around online and convince them to reach out to you for help before talking to another agent.

Imagine this happening without you ever having to letterbox drop, door knock, or cold call every home and person on a one-to-one basis. We get you in front of everybody on a one-to-many basis. We help your real estate brand become the most recognised and memorable across the suburbs you serve or the niche you need to reach. We identify and match you with your ideal prospect and get them to know, like, and trust you.

Invest in yourself and reap the rewards

Using a combination of brand marketing strategies, personal reputation management tactics and lead campaigns, you’ll see growth in your real estate revenue over the long term. The caveat is that growing a successful and sustainable real estate business doesn’t happen in a month, a quarter or six months, it takes commitment to a program of marketing activities underpinned by the right injection of funds in the right areas, with the right people to support you.

The Hoole team is not a fly-my-night type who’ll love you and leave you in the morning. We are industry stalwarts with oodles of real estate knowledge (and a bird’ s-eye view of what works and what doesn’t). We also come armed with a whole bunch of creative and technical expertise.

Remember, you can’t sell a secret!

We’re experts in branding, marketing and, most importantly, paid advertising – because you can’t sell a secret. We have a talented team of creatives and marketing technicians who are experts in their chosen discipline. Together, we make our client’s brands stand out from their competition. We help you to give before you take – we show you how to provide value to your communities whether they are ‘in’ (ready to lease or sell or buy) or ‘out’ of the property market (going about their everyday lives).

We’re in real estate marketing for the long haul, and you should feel the same too! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, we’re here to provide valuable insights and resources to help you achieve your brand marketing and prospecting goals.

Join the brand marketing conversation

The AREC Conference is a fantastic platform for real estate industry professionals to connect and share ideas. We encourage you to come by our booth and tell us about your business and what you’d love to learn about digital and social media marketing. We’re always looking to learn from others and explore new possibilities.

Don’t miss out on our free marketing tools

The AREC Conference promises to be packed with valuable information and networking opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to visit Danielle and me at Booth 30 in the Exhibition Hall and discover our freebies!

For a sneak peek at what we’ll showcase at AREC, visit

Come say hi to me, Melanie Hoole

I’ve been in real estate since 2004, working in marketing and proptech. At age 22, I bought my first property in London on a lowly marketing salary. After reading Rich Man Poor Man, I caught the property bug and have grown my personal wealth by buying homes ever since.

My love of business and thirst for knowledge has made me obsessed with property investment as well as building brands and scaling businesses. It’s been thrilling to work in digital space since 1998, as a change junky, I love the rapid pace.

I’m both a creative and a tech geek who loves to delve into data to determine better ways to use marketing to turn prospects into profits. The softer side of marketing also appeals to me – using psychology to get inside the customer’s head and work out what really makes people tick.

Come say hi to Danielle Kerr

She’s my right-hand woman at Hoole, a strategist with impeccable technical marketing prowess. Having worked in corporate marketing for an international brand for over a decade, Danielle, like me, was lured across to the real estate industry.

Danielle is not just a marketer, she’s also a licensed real estate agent. She’s a roll-up-her-sleeves type who has worked at the cold face of a property agency and has been pivotal in launching many independent real estate brands.

Danielle loves creating marketing plans that are as unique as the business owner’s. She’s also skilled at spotting patterns in customer data and identifying new tech and creative tools.

Danielle is one of the many exceptionally talented individuals at Hoole who love what they do!

Who are you gonna call? Hoole Marketing!

When you are ready to take your real estate business and brand to the next level, come talk to me, Melanie Hoole. I’ll give you on-the-spot recommendations and show you how digital marketing can help position you as the real estate service provider to call first!

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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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