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The pandemic has given us pause for thought and made digital and social media marketing more important than ever. Whilst it’s less appropriate to knock on doors, due to social distancing, and more people are located at home, in your neighbourhood, it becomes easier to reach them through digital channels.

This is a great video for those wanting to understand the fundamentals of online marketing from a real estate perspective and start to grow their business through a digital marketing program.

In this training, you’ll gain an overview of how digital and social media marketing has come of age.

First, we look at the number of people that you can ‘reach’ with your marketing messages using digital channels versus print publications.

Then, we take a look at a successful Sydney agent’s digital marketing program to better understand what his lead generation outcomes look like, with a professionally managed digital marketing program.

Finally, you’ll be given a general overview as to how digital and social media marketing works.

Happy learning!