Don’t let your ego get the better of you. Hold on to your self-belief. If one thing’s sure in life, it’s that change is a constant. We might not be able to control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond, both emotionally and motivationally!

As one of the lucky few to be invited to Steve Carroll’s Leadership Power Morning in Brisbane last week, my interstate trip was most certainly rewarded, and I want to share insights I gleaned from motivational speaker Julie Cross.

In exchange for a small contribution to Steve’s not-for-profit, Digital Live Bike Ride, I got to learn from speakers John McGrath, Julie Cross, Haesley Cush and Steve himself talking about what makes us tick and how we can be our very best in life and in business.

Much of what was being taught was focused on pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. Many of the learnings resonated with me, and I found myself thinking back to times in my life where I faced a difficult time and decided to power on through. And I am glad I did, as I grew each time for the better.


Affectionately known as Sparkles, Julie Cross is a must-see speaker.

As an author, presenter and comedian (in my opinion), she brightens your day with both her bubbly personality and super shiny outfits. But once you move past the initial bedazzle, it becomes evident that Julie has a super important message to share, wrapped up in a shiny package.

Like so many of us, Julie has faced setbacks and grief in her life. Yet, she chooses to use her experiences to make a positive impact on others. If you’ve not heard Julie speak before, find out where and when Julie will be at a venue near you. She’s empowering, energising and entertaining.

In Julie’s words,

“It’s not what happens to us, it’s what we choose to do with it that truly matters.”

Julie likes to talk to the Universe. You can hear about this in her Podcast. Here’s one episode that covers some of what Julie spoke about the day I saw her; Chat to the Universe on Self-Belief.

Staying strong when facing self-doubt

Julie explains that we all face times of self-doubt. We look around to see what others have achieved and often feel like we are being left behind. But we need to remember that we are playing our own game and doing it in our own unique way. So we need to stop comparing our journey in life to everyone else’s. Yet we all do this, right!

Sometimes our ego’s win. But if we use our moments of discomfort to spur ourselves in our own direction, towards our personal goals and our own truth, then we will move forward. What you mustn’t do is let your ego steal your energy or take you off course.

Julie highlights that society teaches us that we are all in competition with each other. That there are not enough people, clients, customers and money to go around. But if we stick with our own purpose, there will always be enough. We just have to have faith, stop ‘trying’ to do something and just ‘get on and do it’.

Stop buying other peoples limiting beliefs

From the moment we are born, we have a future full of unlimited potential. But other people form stories (some about us), and we buy into those stories – but they are their stories, their fears and their limiting beliefs, not ours.

So we need to stop listening to others. Stop buying into the fear of what others might think. We need to remember to listen to our own feelings. When we fall down (which we will), we need to get up and use it as a lesson from which we grow.

Smile and the world smiles with you

Julie also reminded us that consciously making yourself smile is an excellent way to triggering the release of neurotransmitters (dopamine, endorphins and serotonin) which decrease stress and increase relaxation.

She also shared personal stories about times in her life when she faced the loss of a loved one and insights about grief. Her deep honesty and vulnerability touched me so profoundly that I found myself unable to stop myself from crying. Her explanations hit a raw nerve for me, and I was flooded with feelings relating to challenges I’ve been facing in my own life this year.

But though the times of grief we are given the gift of self-reflection, and if channelled effectively, we can use troubled times to learn an immense amount about what we can bear. Grief, despair and emotional pain will eventually pass, and we can be stronger for it.

As French novelist, Marcel Proust once said,

“Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.”

So, as Julie’s friend the Universe says, “stop trying, start doing, and stay on track to lead your very best life”.


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Written by Melanie Hoole

My team and I specialise in helping real estate and property professionals perfect their personal brand, build a first-class digital profile and implement inbound marketing activities to attract leads. If you are unsure which direction to take with your digital marketing contact me for help.

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