Whilst we may not typically associate real estate with Mother’s Day, there are many ways property professionals can use a soft marketing technique to build relationships with prospects in their neighbourhood.

Mother’s Day gives us the chance to celebrate the love and dedication of the extraordinary women in our lives who have been there from the beginning. Unlike traditional lead generation campaigns that rely on aggressive sales-driven tactics, soft marketing techniques build trust and establish long-term relationships with prospects. You’ll appeal to people who will appreciate someone with empathy to help them sell or lease their home in the future. An agent, male or female, who shows their caring side will be considered a true commodity in stressful sales situations.

Read on for a list of memorable and engaging real estate-specific Mother’s Day marketing ideas that will allow you to show your brand’s softer side.

Some marketing campaigns might include physical elements, but we’ve made sure you can still capitalise on your efforts by creating digital assets such as photo collages, graphics and videos. Perfect for sharing across social posts, stories and reels.

1. Mirror mirror on the wall; who loves their Mother most of all?

Competitions with appealing prizes are fun to run and can help create a buzz for your brand. The ideas for Mother’s Day contests are endless, but here are our favourites;

  • People of all ages could be encouraged to describe why their mum is the best in 20 words or less.
  • Younger children could draw a picture of their Mum and describe what they have drawn – the descriptions can be hilarious.
  • Suggest to local teens to submit their best selfie, together with their Mum, along with one word that describes her best.
  • Even pets (aka fur babies) can get in on the act. You may have to speak on their behalf!

7 ways real estate brands can be memorable on Mother's Day

Feature the very best entries (or maybe all the submissions) on your website and social pages. It’s a great way to demonstrate the amount of love we have for our mothers. You could ask your social media followers to vote for their favourite message, then present the winner with a special gift to enjoy with their mum, such as a spa treatment, a huge bouquet of flowers, dinner for two at a popular local restaurant, or a gift card for a professional family photoshoot.

If you are using social media to promote a contest, make sure you read the rules regarding promotions on your channel of choice, as there are different guidelines, and you don’t want your posts to go unpublished.

Here are the rules regarding page promotions and contests on Facebook. The terms on which Instagram allows promotions. And the advertising terms on LinkedIn.

2. Sponsorships: Get more Mother’s Day bang for your buck

As a real estate agent, a great way to get involved with your local community is through sponsorships. To deliver real returns on your sponsorship dollars, you need to do more than add your logo to the sports teams’ jersey, charity campaign or shop window. You need to roll up your sleeves and get involved!

Many local groups will host a Mother’s Day event, such as a morning tea or fundraiser. Make sure to reach out to the places you sponsor ahead of Mother’s Day to find out what they are planning and how you can get involved.

Consider donating a door prize and awarding it in person at the event. Remember to take along your brand merchandise; pens, notepads, water bottles and tote bags with your business name and strapline, as they always go down a treat.

If you don’t have any existing sponsorships, this could be a great time to get involved with some local groups or charities. So do a Google search to find out what Mother’s Day events are planned in your area.

3. Have a Mother’s Day gift giveaway in partnership with retail businesses

Partnering with businesses that also serve your community is a great way to maximise your Mother’s Day promotions and become better acquainted with neighbouring business operators at the same time.

You could team up with a selection of local florists, beauty services, homewares stores, bottle shops or cafes to provide ten (or more) local mums with a surprise Mother’s Day gift. Whether you make it a game of chance or skilled competition, you can generate exposure and that important feel-good factor for your real estate business at the same time.

7 ways real estate brands can be memorable on Mother's Day

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, lunch, a bottle of sparkly, a massage or a fancy vase, creating a group selection of gifts allows you to offer beautiful prizes that are closely aligned with the businesses around your community. Make sure you pick a range of places around town that offer things any mother would love.

Spread the word that there will be Mother’s Day gifts galore at your office, with details on how to win or be selected for a prize. You spend the money promoting the giveaway, other businesses donate the gifts, and each business receives the names and contact details of the entrants.

Campaigns like these generally fall under the rules for trade or sales promotions. Don’t forget to check out the legal requirements for your country or state first. Here are the links; NSW, VIC, SA, QLD, WA and New Zealand.

4. Gather together ideas for a Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A checklist of suitable mum-friendly gifts can be a game-changer for the uninspired. Finding the perfect gift for a mum can be overwhelming, especially for fathers who need to purchase something on behalf of their young kids.

Ask the females in your real estate team to list out their favourite shops and the kind of things they’d love to receive as a Mother’s Day gift. Make sure your gift guide showcases a wide selection of products and services from local businesses – that way, you’ll build kudos with fellow business owners too!

And don’t forget that some of the best gifts are homemade. My favourite gift from my youngest daughter is a jam jar that she filled with rolled-up messages telling me the things I do for her that make her happy. There’s also no mum in the world that wouldn’t love a day pass from doing all the chores – don’t underestimate the value of delivering mum breakfast in bed, folding the washing, feeding the dog or tidying the house so that she doesn’t have to do these things.

Yep, mums can be easily pleased.

5. Celebrate in person with a Mother’s Day event

Organising your own real estate branded event for Mother’s Day is an excellent way to maintain connections with both past and present clients. Consider organising a brunch, lunch or outdoor banquet, and invite families to come and celebrate Mother’s Day together.

Host the event at a local restaurant, cafe or the back garden of a beautiful home. Include branded giveaways like flower bouquets or customised photo frames. Your clients will appreciate the effort you make to bring them together, and your event will generate goodwill and leave a positive and long-lasting feel-good factor in association with your business.

7 ways real estate brands can be memorable on Mother's Day

6. Develop a donation drive for a ‘Mothers’ Charity

You could go one step further and use your event to collect donations for a local charity. Select a cause or nonprofit organisation that resonates with your real estate team’s own values. You may wish to choose a charity that is close to home in the sense that one of your staff or their family has been a beneficiary or set up the cause.

Share the news of your event or initiative on your website and through your social media channels. It’ll go a long way toward showing your community that your business is more than just about the bottom line. Plus, your good deed could lead to free publicity in the local press!

Examples of the types of charities you could consider are;

Mum for Mum, mumformum.org.au – supports the transition to parenthood for new mums.
Bears of Hope, bearsofhope.org.au – support for families who experience the loss of a baby.
Mummy’s Wish, mummyswish.org.au – practical support for mums with cancer.

7. Share your mum with the world

Create a social media reel featuring photos or video clips of the staff from your real estate team with their mums alongside you with yours. You can make it fun by adding a tune such as Meghan Trainor’s Mother or the Tik Tok version of Jennifer Lopez’s I Ain’t Your Mother. Alternatively, be more sincere with Stevie Wonder’s You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Sugarland’s Mother, or Thank You Mom (Go Mama) by X’es Evol’i.

By showcasing your real-life and treasured people, you’ll evoke emotions with your followers, helping them to feel more connected to you and your real estate brand. Additionally, it could increase your local area visibility as viewers share the video on social media, potentially attracting new customers.

7 ways real estate brands can be memorable on Mother's Day

Make your Mother’s Day message fun and professional

Whichever idea you go with, make sure you do it with panache. Engage a professional photographer or videographer to create some high-quality visuals or footage for your Mother’s Day campaign. Get your staff involved, as well as your real estate industry suppliers. And make sure you gain optimum exposure by boosting your campaign content on Meta.

Mother’s Day is an excellent time for you to do something special with your marketing campaigns and really connect with your community. It’s one of the best ways to keep your real estate brand in everyone’s mind, first and foremost, so that when it comes to listing a property, it will be your real estate agency that they think of before any other.

If you would like to discuss your marketing and how you can improve your brand reputation and acquire a steady stream of clients, feel free to book a FREE one-hour consultation with me, Melanie Hoole.

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Written by Melanie Hoole

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